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Free Shipping across Singapore on orders above S$180
Free Shipping across Singapore on orders above S$180

Approval Process

Whats this all about?

Vanity Wagon approves every brand that we bring to you. To be approved by Vanity, the products have to be luxurious, safe and effective. They have to do what they claim. We are hard on our brands - some may say, in our endeavour to find you the right products for your body. Here's our 3 step approval process.

Step 1 - In Search for the best

Our process starts with searching the market for the products that are known to be the most effective at what they claim to do and also that have been crafted to perfection for their users. We don't just read, we research. Our brand team goes onto doing months of research to figure out which brands - products meet our criteria and then Step 2 kicks in.

Step 2 - Safety & Quality

We maintain a list of the "Dirty Ingredients" that should not ever be a part of your lifestyle products. Every product on Vanity has to be free of these nasty ingredients. Once we are sure that the brand abides by this and each of its product is safe for you we go on to test them. A team of 3-5 members uses these products in their routines.

If we like them, we are sure you will love them  

Step 3 - Inform & Share

The final step in the Vanity Approval Process is to better inform our team and the community of these products. We do not differentiate between our brands, as we are proud of each and every one of them. We ensure that the choices you make are informed and ones that you are happy with.