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Free Shipping across Singapore on orders above S$180
Free Shipping across Singapore on orders above S$180

Qurez Mattifying SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen with Sea buckthorn & Aloe Vera



Looking out for a Mineral Sunscreen? We think we have just the right product your skin needs! We have formulated a mineral sunscreen with sun protecting physical UV filters along with skin nourishing ingredients which will shield your skin from the skin damaging UVA+UVB rays. Our Mineral Sunscreen is PA+++ and has a sun protection factor of 30.

Also, let us tell you one important thing in skincare! Your skincare routine is incomplete without a sunscreen. There is no use of applying skincare products in your AM routine if you are not applying sunscreen.

Sunscreen has the ability to protect your skin from sun damage which is often seen causing severe damage to skin such as redness, inflammation and skin cancer if your skin has been overexposed to the UVA+UVB rays for a long time.


Take enough sunscreen to cover your face, ears, neck region, hands and the other exposed body parts.
Dot the sunscreen on the required skin and gently massage or dab.
Apply the sunscreen before 15 minutes of going outside.
Need to reapply after 2-3 hours (Cleanse the first application of sunscreen to reapply).


Broad spectrum SPF30 PA+++ Mattifying Mineral Sunscreen
No chemical filters, No Oxybenzone, No OMC, No nano-particles
Lotion like consistency, mattifying, non-greasy and water-resistant
Blends and gets absorbed quickly
Leaves minimal white cast residue (settles after a few minutes)
Gives a moisturizing effect due to the presence of Aloe Vera
High in antibacterial, antiinflammatory and photoprotective properties
Suitable for all skin types
Artificial fragrance free. Paraben free. Phthalate free.
100% Vegan. Cruelty free. Made in India



DM water, Clear Zinc oxide, Aloe Vera extract, Organic Sunflower oil, Vitamin E, Sea buckthorn fruit extract, Micronized Titanium dioxide, Vegetable glycerine, Stearic acid, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetyl alcohol, Sorbitan Olivate, Matcha green tea, Allantoin, Coco-caprylate/Caprate, Glyceryl stearate, Sodium gluconate





NAME OF MFG: Elemora Naturals

ADDRESS OF MFG: 377, Pocket Q, Dilshad Garden, Delhi Pincode – 110095, India